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Tune in here at idol0nfox while you are watching tonight's American Idol final 7 show. Post live feedback and read any live feeback posted by others. This entry is going to be used to discuss tonight's show as well as keep spoilers contained in the community to this post! If you know of any pre-show spoilers, such as the contestant's song selection, feel free to leave a comment here. Mostly, just have fun. If you think this is a good idea, spread the word! The more people that show up the better. Thanks.

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Sorry! I meant to post this earlier but I never his "Post". Hahahaha.
Way to go! :)
To recap: I just don't like Chris's voice.

Melinda was superb as always. I really liked the song choice, because she got to be gospel without being too indulgent.

I really liked Blake's performance.
Ditto x3
Boo to popped collars!!!!!!
Hahahaha. Indeed.
Was Blake's popped?
Wow her phrasing is horrible.
I don't like Phil, but he does have the nicest voice out of them all.
As in, out of all the guys.
I agree. I think Chris Sligh had the best male voice before he left.
Woo! Jordin!
Wow. Other than a little too much vibrato in some spots, that was pretty damn awesome.
I like Jordin, but that was a bit schreachy.
Yeah, the high notes were shrill. Katharine had the same problem last season.
I know what it means, but is that how you spell it?
It is how Firefox told me to spell it. Hahaha.
My ranking:

1. Jordin (<3)
2. Melinda
3. Phil
4. Blake
5. LaKisha
6. Chris

Bottom 3 - Phil, LaKisha, Chris
Going home: Chris, maybe LaKisha
1. Melinda
2. Jordin
3. Phil (?!?!)
4. Blake
5. LaKisha
6. Chris.