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All I want to do is turn around.


Since we've gotten to the Top 12 again, I want to revitalize this community! Just making a post with the rules now. In the User Info are pictures of the top 12, currently in alphabetical order by their last name. I'll be moving those who get voted off down to the bottom each week until we have out winner. :) I'll also be getting to the comm's layout tonight. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy yourselves! Thanks.

1. PLEASE PLACE ALL DISCUSSION ABOUT IMMEDIATELY AIRED SHOWS UNDER A LJ-CUT. This cannot be expressed enough. If you don't know how to do a cut, go here. There are others who are in later time zones who have not yet seen the show and are eagerly waiting to see what happens, especially on results night. That being said: if you are in a later time zone than the east coast or if you are taping it or using TiVo, it is recommend that you avoid this place until you have seen the show for yourself.

2. Be sure to not post a topic that has recently been posted. If it was posted more than a couple weeks ago that's fine, but if it was posted the day before that's not okay. This is not only to keep discussions in the same place, but to keep you from being slammed by other members for posting something that was posted a couple days before. No one wants their friends page to be flooded with dozens of "I can't believe so-and-so went home!" posts.

3. It's fine to express your dislike for certain contestants, but please keep in mind that there are others in this community who might be their biggest fans. Saying, "I can't stand *insert name here*" and backing it up intelligently is fine. Saying "I can't stand *insert name here* and his fans are stupid" is not. Attacking member because of their favorite contestants will not be tolerated. There should be anti-contestant communities up by now, and that's where comments like that belong, not in here. Also please do not tell others not to vote for certain contestants. People can vote for whoever they want.

4. From time to time there will be graphics contests held in the community. In order to enter, submit your icons as a comment to the appropriate post. After the entrance period ends, the contest will close and we'll make a post for you guys to vote and pick the winner. No pressure to participate, but if you have a second, just whip something up. The icons must follow LJ's icon limitations (40K or under, no bigger than 100x100). Each contest will have a specific theme and/or specific rules which will be explained in the contest post.

Also feel free to post graphics that you make as well. You may post three teaser icons, but please put the rest under the cut. If you require crediting and commenting, or have any other rules with your graphics, be sure to include them in your post. Icons must be less than 100x100 pixels and less than 40kb so they can be used in LJ. Keep larger graphics such as Friends Only banners, headers, wallpapers, etc., completely under a cut.

5. Please put all pictures (except for three icons in a graphics post), all polls, and any extensively long posts under a lj-cut to spare others' Friends Pages.


This community is moderated by phuck and stardust462. Layout and User Info graphic credit goes to phuck@last5. The FAQ and Rules were written by stardust462.